Factory for RX optical lenses, wholesale distributor of ophthalmic lenses, spectacle frames and optical accessories

Hera by iViLENS

Our own line of for ophthalmic lenses (RX and stock) is called HERA Lens, and in our product portfolio, we offer the entire product range of white and photochromic optical eyeglass lenses from index 1.499 to index 1.74 with a wide variety of diameter choices both in stock ready lenses and in our factory special order blanks.

The products under our brand Hera Lens are also exported to Greece, Italy, Cyprus and North Macedonia.

A Brand with a Century of History

Henry Jullien is a brand of iVision Tech France (100% iVision Tech SpA), established in 1921. With over a hundred years of history, Henry Jullien stands out in the international eyewear market for developing unrivaled skills over time in crafting frames in laminated gold (Double Or Laminé). Symbolizing quality and perfection, each frame is designed, created, and hand-assembled by highly skilled master craftsmen, following a very rigorous process.